Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mater Ecclesiae School

From the crowded city of Makati, we moved to a more peaceful place in San Pedro-Binan, Laguna. ;)

Looking for a new school for my 2 kids was easy. Mater Ecclesiae School was recommended by my cousin. This school year, they'll be in Grade 1 and Nursery 1 respectively.

The first time we visited the school last May, I find its surrounding clean, peaceful & breezy, even in the middle of Summer. I love the way the staff treated us -- friendly and courteous.

It's important to choose the right school -- a school that instill positive values in every student to help the parents maintain (or even improve) what has been taught from home. Kids' attitudes and habits change once they started attending a preschool or a daycare. They could easily copy other kids' behavior. Or it could be from our toxic world and the media -- they're watching it.

My daughter started with a Montessori school and a playschool. She was well-behaved and I've seen her values improved. She normally put her toys away when told. But after few days of classes from the Montessori school and a month in a playschool, she put away her toys after she plays with them without being told. These schools teach positive values but they're quite expensive so I have to transfer her to a less expensive school but I haven't thought of asking if Values Education was included in the curriculum since it's part of building the kids' foundation of learning.

Moving her to a traditional preschool gave me a hard time coping up with her. Though her self-confidence and memory improved on her first year, on her second year, we observed from home that she had a hard time saying she's "sorry" if she did something bad or accidentally hurt someone, instead she would keep defending her actions. She also started blurting out negative comments. There came a point where she no longer want to go to school and she get sick due to stress in school.

Mater Ecclesiae School is not a Montessori school nor a playschool. And it is not as expensive as those schools, but they have the same philosophy: Positive modeling, imparting good values and reverence for learning. They're strict with their rules and they stick to it. Mater Ecclesiae School's good values includes instilling the sense of humility and simplicity in every student (simple or no jewelry, no make-up, etc).

My daughter is 6 years old and she's now in Grade 1. Her attitude is gradually improving. We no longer hear negative comments from her. She says a lot of wonderful things about her teachers. She's happy with her new school and she's the class president. ;) She didn't feel sad when she wasn't chosen to be one of the Little Sayaweh members and she got inspired to try voice lesson instead. :)) Her adviser is very approachable. She simply updates us about our daughter's progress whenever my husband and I see her (without us asking her). ;) And I found out that they don't give a "sad face mark" to a student for his/her mistake or misbehavior but, instead, they teach the student right manner & conduct and, if needed, they'll talk to the parents.

My son is 3 years old and he's in Nursery 1. Mater Ecclesiae is his first school. I love the development I see in him. And, like his Ate at such age, he's well-behaved. But I still get surprise everyday with his improvements, like he sings new songs while he's playing or putting away his toys. Good thing that Values Education is included in his subjects.

I appreciate the school having Values Education in their curriculum.

Assessment Fee (/Entrance Exam): Php 300.00

Tuition Fees:
starts at Php 16,633.44
(++) No interest applied on installment basis ;)
(++) Includes 24/7 Accident Insurance
(+) Includes All other fees (Registration, Developmental, Computer, Misc & Other Fees*)
*Other Fees inlcusion:
** Airconditioning of classrooms for preschool is already included in the fees. For other levels, airconditioning of classrooms started this school year (2014-2015) so there was an additional energy fee of Php 3,500.00 (Php 350.00 per month).

Uniform? Yes.
Per set prices (depends on sizes & level) starts at:
Daily Uniform: Php 418.00
PE: Php 443.00
Scout: Php 500.00 (can be purchased from any store)

starts at Php 2,569.00 (Nursery 1, inclusive of Student Handbook & Student Diary)

starts at Php 390.00 (Grade 1, 10 notebooks)

Art Materials: can be purchased from the school
starts at Php 147.00 (includes pencils & crayons)

Student-Teacher ratio:
1:15 average (preschool)
1:30 average (primary/secondary)

Contact Details:
Mater Ecclesiae School
DVMI Sisters - Villa Olympia Subdivision
San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna
contact no/s.: 869-3075; 868-2693

(+) Safe and secured; Strict Security Guards
(+) Friendly & courteous Teachers and Admin Staff
(+) Clean & Orderly

(-) Big student-teacher ratio for preschool. Not able to monitor students. Accidents happen all the time, unlike with my daughter's preschool - never had accidents.
(-) Difficult to contact. Never answer emails.

Updated 23 March 2015
(+) Doing their best to instill good values in every students. I hope the teachers and admin staff also apply that to be the kids' role model, so parents would see that.
(+) Got Anti-bullying campaign. I just hope teachers are able to monitor students all the time.

(-) Don't listen to parents.
(-) They should know how to empathize, not just defend their action, and offer resolution.
(-) Switching to K-12 made their System not clear (like consistently in the top 10 quarterly, but not in the overall). They based them on ranks, not grades. They do Ranking System, not Grading System. So you won't see Final Grades computed as 60% Academic, 30% Conduct and 10% Extracurricular, as what I remembered reading in their handbook. (Otherwise, they have to revise it.) But you will see 'Rank Points'. They rank per criteria then get the final points by computing Academic Rank x6, Conduct Rank x3 and Extracurricular x1. And they give totally different result. Below is an example:

(-) Rank preschoolers and don't give credit to all outstanding preschoolers. I don't believe there's a need to rank preschoolers because they are still starting to learn academically but if they do it that way, they should still give the rest of the outstanding preschoolers credit like '"With Merit" or "Outstanding Award" medals, aside from those special awards.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Twinkle Tots Learning Center

I decided to enroll my daughter with Twinkle Tots Learning Center, Inc. for the SY 2012-2013 since the school is just near our home. We walk her to and from the school.

She was supposed to be in the Nursery class since she hadn't had any formal schooling prior to this enrollment. Teacher Ginky Balaba informed me that the K-12 was already implemented by DepEd, Mhia should be in the Kinder level with her age (4 years old). So they gave Mhia an assessment and I was thankful and proud that she passed the Kinder 1.

August 2012: Buwan ng Wika

So far I'm satisfied with my daughter's development. I just think the teacher needs an assistant to help her double check the student's works or notes -- like if the students have copied their assignments right or not -- so they won't miss any homework. :)

Tuition Fees:
starts at Php 25,345.00

Miscellaneous Fees:
starts at Php 10,852.00

Uniform? Yes, 1 set included in the MF. P300+ per additional set

Student-Teacher ratio:
1:10 average (1 teacher, max of 16 students)

Contact Details:
Teacher Ginky Baylon-Balaba
School Directress
Twinkle Tots Learning Center, Inc.
contact no/s.: 843.6394; 738.1620; 09274952422
FB: https://www.facebook.com/TwinkleTotsLearningCenterInc

(+) Kinder 1 level, with Teacher Remy, helped my daughter build her self-confidence and good memory.
(+) Don't rank preschoolers but gives credit to all outstanding students: With Honors or With Merit, aside from the special awards.
(+) K-12 that has friendly competition academically between students, and also for parents.
(+) The have Parents-Teachers' meeting
(+) They listen to what parents have to say

(-) No 'Card Day' though
(-) Gives Sad face, which pulls down the child's self-confidence.

Gymboree (Greenbelt 5)

Enrolling my daughter, Mhia, with Gymboree Greenbelt 5 last year was one of the right decisions I've made. She developed her talent in arts during her schooling and learned how to socialize.

I enrolled her in the ff. subjects: Arts, Social Skills and Learning Lab. I also got her the annual membership, which includes total of 10 gymplay coupons. :)


Here is the fees and schedule the had during the period Mhia was enrolled:

For their updated fees and schedule, you can contact the Gymboree branch near you:

Gymboree Eastwood
Eastwood Mall, Level 3
Eastwood City, Quezon City
Phone: 915-4769 (GROW)

Gymboree Greenbelt 5
Greenbelt 5, Basement Level
Ayala Center, Makati
Phone: 728-4769 (GROW)

Gymboree Serendra
Serendra, Level 2
Bonifacio High Street, Taguig 
Phone: (63)2-909-7529 (PLAY)

Gymboree Manila Polo Club.
Manila Polo Club, 17 McKinley Road
Forbes Park, Makati
Phone: (63)2-817-0951 to 60 local 251 or 287

Gymboree Shangri-La
Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Level 4
EDSA corner Shaw Blvd.
Phone: (63)2-910-7529 (PLAY)

Gymboree TriNoma
TriNoma, Level 3
EDSA corner North Ave..
Quezon City
Phone: (63)2-9166-496 (GYM)

Gymboree Alabang
Westgate Center
Filinvest Corporate City
Phone: (63)2 -771-7529 (PLAY)

Gymboree Rockwell
Power Plant Mall, Level R3
Rockwell Center, Makati
Phone: (63)2 -890-4769 (GROW)

Gymboree Sofitel
Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Plaza Level
CCP Complex, Pasay
Phone: (63)2-551-5555 local 7088

Gymboree Cebu
Banilad Town Center, Level 2
Gov. Manuel Cuenco Ave.
Banilad, Cebu
Phone: (63)32- 412-7529

Early Achievers Learning Center

Early Achievers Learning Center use the developmentally appropriate curriculum (DAP) in teaching very young children, which is a progressive approach of teaching where play is integrated through interactive and creative activites as learning experiences.

There are three teachers in the classroom, a main English teacher, a Chinese teacher and an assistant teacher. A small ratio is maintained with 12 to 15 students per class. The tuition fees will be around P80T+ which includes everything except the uniform which will be P450 per set.

Parents can check the facilities.

Tuition Fees:
starts at Php 80,000.00

Uniform? Yes. P450 per set

Student-Teacher ratio:
1:4(/5) (3 teachers, 12 to 15 students)

Contact Details:
Christina Coronado
Program Coordinator
Makati Branch
8957881 or 8903380
9am to 4pm

Norma O. Ching
School directress
Early Achievers' Learning Center
78 Sgt. E. Rivera St., QC.
Tel. Nos: 3652424, 3674878

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rosewood Children's Formative Learning School

We considered enrolling Mhia at Rosewood Children's Formative Learning School, San Pedro, Laguna since we were planning to move to Pacita 1, SPL before the school year started.

She had her ELA (Entry-Level Assessment). I'll try to look for the printed result of Mhia's assessment. I think I gave it to my mom.

Anyway, I was told that she knows her numbers, shapes, colors and alphabets. Her cognitive and motor skills are strong but her language (English - spoken) is still in progress. At first, she listens and follows directions, but eventually gets bored and starts going around the room.

I wasn't able to take her pictures during the visit. Parents are not allowed to observe the assessment.

Tuition Fees:
starts at Php 32,000.00

Uniform? Yes.

Student-Teacher ratio:
1:6 (2 teachers, 12 students)

Contact Details:
Rosewood Children's Formative Learning School
644 Mayaman Street, United San Pedro Subdivision, San Pedro, Laguna, 4023
Tel. Nos. (02) 467-0587
Email: rosewood_school@yahoo.com.ph

(+) Prompt reply for queries
(+) Clean & Orderly
(+) Good for a progressive school
(+) Encourage Independence
(+) Friendly & Approachable Teachers

(-) I wasn't told about the P500 fee for the Entry-Level Assessment.

AppleSeed Montessori Inc.

Mhia had her 3 day trial at Appleseed Montessori last quarter last year.

They did a lot of activities. I know I kept her worksheets but I can't really find them. :))

I find the teachers very friendly, approachable & trustworthy. They kept me updated every time I pick her up from school. They took good care of her very well that I can leave Mhia during her trial classes without worries.

They also kept her entertained when I was late from picking her up. She really had fun during her trial classes. The school was just 2 buildings away from my office so it's also an advantage.

We were already decided to enroll her for the 2nd half of SY 2011-2012. In fact, I already have the school's handbook, and I was ready to submit all the requirements when my office friends (also moms) gave their insights about paying P14,000++ monthly for a tuition fee.

To make the story short, I ended up looking a cheaper school without compromising the quality of education.

Appleseed's Montessori approach (vs. traditional)

Philosophy: Respect for the child, for each other and for the teacher; Positive modeling; Children have a natural curiosity to learn; Reverence for learning - environment tailored to the child; Multi-age groupings (vs. Children should be seen, not heard - respect for the teacher required; Negative punishment; Children are empty vessels to be filled; All children of the same chronological age)

Prepared Environment: Enriched; Furniture child-sized; Colorful & attractive; Beautifully constructed manipulatives; Material designed to fit the size of the students; Child-centered; Children work at any table, on floor, alone or with others (vs. Stark; Desk screwed down; Chalkboard & Eraser; Slates; Textbooks, paper & pencil; Teacher-centered; Children remained in desks except for recess and lunch)

System: Classroom of 20+; Lessons given 1:1 or in small groups by teacher; Students teach each other; Teacher observes, records and analyzes; Presentation individualized (broken into small step-points of interest); Students free to choose work related to sensitive periods/interests and directs the time spent on each work, within reason; Student has same teacher for three years (vs. Classroom of 20+; Lesson taught by teacher to entire group; Teacher gives all information; Tests to determine group progress; Teacher moves on when the majority indicate they understand the material -- assignments made in texts and written papers; Teacher chooses work for each day and sets the time given to each lesson; Class changes on a bell; Child may have multiple teachers and moves to a new teacher each year)

There were more comparison between the Montessori approach vs. the traditional approach presented for Curriculum, Manipulative Materials, Math, Language and Cultural Subjects. Feel free to pm me for more info.

Subject areas offered are:
Reading and Language
Math and Geometry
Practical Life
Music and Movement
Peace Education
Building Language for Literacy and Art

Tuition Fees:
3-hour program starts at Php 110,000.00 (3-day sched per week, with Misc. and other Fees)
Full Day program starts at Php 127,000.00 (3-day sched per week, with Misc. and other Fees)

Uniform? Yes.

Student-Teacher ratio:
Low teacher-student ratio, max of 1:7

Contact Details:
AppleSeed Montessori
Liroville Condominium
134 Sedeno corner LP Leviste Sts.
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel #: +63 (2) 8936077
Mobile #: +63 (917) 6482119
Email: appleseedmontessori01@gmail.com

(+) Prompt reply for queries
(+) Clean & Orderly
(+) Quality toys and materials
(+) Very good for a progressive school
(+) Very DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practice) in practice
(+) Lots of activities for kids to enhance creativity (lots of worksheets and, at the same time, lots of time for free play with Montessori materials)
(+) Encourage Independence
(+) Friendly, Approachable & Trustworthy Teachers
(+) Encourage Parents Involvement
(+) grace and courtesy lessons and practical life exercises -- typical of montessori education

(-) Vertical Class; Big open classroom (this may be positive to other moms ☺ )

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mother Goose Playskool – Makati

Mhia had her second experience of trial classes with Mother Goose Playskool - Makati. She enjoyed her 3-day class trial so much. I find the teachers very friendly, approachable & trustworthy. I can leave Mhia during her trial classes without worries; and that at the end of the day, she always tells me how she enjoyed her class. I knew she was taken care of really well.

Mother Goose Playskool’s toddler program gives each child abundant care and attention, unconditionally.

Their classes includes these activities: Sensorial, Visual Perception, Practical Life, Math materials, Science & Language materials.

From my last inquiry, here are some of the important details we need to know:

Tuition Fees:
starts at Php 130,000.00

Uniform? Yes.

Student-Teacher ratio:

Contact Details:
Mother Goose Playskool – Makati
G/F Unit 2B LPL Mansions
122 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village 
8929756, 09433606724

SCHOOL DIRECTOR – Ms. Danielle B. Arellano, M.A.

(+) Clean & Orderly
(+) Quality toys and materials
(+) Very good for a progressive school
(+) Very DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practice) in practice
(+) Lots of activities for kids to enhance creativity
(+) Encourage Independence
(+) Friendly, Approachable & Trustworthy Teachers
(+) Encourage Parents Involvement

(-) Vertical Class; Big open classroom (this may be positive to other moms  )